Making upgrading easy: When Tradeteam were faced with the task of upgrading 100+ reports in 3 months, we were ready to help deliver on time and on budget.

Tradeteam’s challenge

Tradeteam, part of DHL, the world’s largest logistics company are responsible for delivering leading drinks brands right across the UK; handling tens of thousands of orders every week. They rely on IBM Cognos reporting to support the business and remain competitive in the market by improving efficiency and reducing costs. This meant they were constantly working on mission critical reporting.

However, Tradeteam needed to upgrade their existing Cognos estate, but didn’t have the skill or capacity to deliver the change. They needed a team who could act as an extension of their development arm, working smoothly and effectively to support their requirements. This was particularly important as they couldn’t operate without their daily reporting capability.

Triangle’s solution

Tradeteam approached Triangle to support their team due to our deep knowledge and expertise in Cognos upgrades, and signed up for a 12 month contract for total assurance. They asked us to help them upgrade their Cognos environment.

Tradeteam wanted to be able to speak to Triangle at any time, so we were always available and able to pass on knowledge to Tradeteam to help them become self-sufficient on a day-to-day basis. We needed to ensure we created a detailed support plan that would help them migrate their software without any impact on operations and work with Tradeteam to ensure the implementation went as smoothly as possible.

The outcome

  • Within 3 months, Triangle seamlessly migrated the 100+ reports using Query Studio and Report Studio on time and to budget
  • Worked side-by-side Tradeteam to plan and implement the Cognos upgrade.
  • Provided both training and invaluable support as the system was moved onto the latest platform
  • Kicked off projects that would help the business gain the full benefit of their new software
  • Triangle continue to provide support and expertise for critical BI Projects

In addition to helping Tradeteam achieve a smooth migration, the relationship between Triangle and Tradeteam has grown from supplier to trusted partner and we are now considered an extension of their own development team. Thanks to our help, Tradeteam have been able to successfully deliver their commitments to the business and ultimately provide a better service to customers.

Thanks to Triangle we have been able to successfully deliver our commitments to the business and ultimately provide a better service to our customer.

Carole Ewers, Tradeteam – DHL

If you have a Cognos upgrade you would like help with, please get in touch and our business intelligence consultants will be happy to help.

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