Helping Thomas Cook navigate business intelligence: Maximising profitability and sales across the company.

Thomas Cook’s challenge

As one of the leading travel companies in Europe, Thomas Cook needed to prevent losses and planes from taking off half-empty. They knew the best way to make smart decisions and maximise sales would be through business intelligence. They had already invested in Cognos, but were only using about 1% of what it can truly do so needed an IBM business intelligence partner to show them how.

One of their challenges was that Thomas Cook had three major areas of business; distribution, tour operations and independent travel, that all used a different system to manage information. This meant that they relied on manually merging three different sets of data into Microsoft Excel to achieve business-wide visibility. The process itself was fraught with error and time consuming.

Triangle’s solution

To ensure that management had completed access and visibility, we used our expertise to maximise the reporting Cognos would provide and integrated 3 distributed data systems into one. Triangle helped Thomas Cook merge all their data at database level, giving management an overview of the entire business and full understanding of the end-to-end profitability of each booking.

This also meant reporting times were radically shorter, the reports always ran smoothly and employees can drill down to an individual shop-level or resort-level, all in one place.

Triangle worked with Thomas Cook to become an extension of their team, always being available and transparent to make the Cognos reporting integration run efficiently.

The outcome

  • Gave management greater insight and control over profitability
  • Greater visibility across the entire company
  • Peace of mind with a single version of truth
  • Error-free, robust and ultra-fast reporting
  • The first-step in a company-wide information overhaul

As a result of the success of this integration, Triangle are now working with Thomas Cook on a company-wide information overhaul.

If someone took away the solution Triangle implemented, we couldn’t manage the business. Obviously we could still send people on their holidays but as far as managing the profitability of the company – we would be blind.

Peter Lumley, Business Intelligence Manager, Thomas Cook

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