Singing from the same song sheet: We helped EMI save £40,000 and reduce 20 different views to just 1 accurate version of the truth.

EMI Music Publishing’s challenge

EMI Music Publishing are the largest music publisher in the world and 10 time winner of Music Week’s Award for Publisher of the year. Whenever a song under their administration is played or used, EMI need to pay the songwriters the right amount in royalties.

As they administer the rights of 1.3m songs globally, they deal with mountains of data and struggled to extract meaningful business information. In addition, they had several different data systems, all with slightly different features, making it difficult to get a coherent view of their data.

They needed to integrate their different data systems to tell one version of the truth and provide consistent and meaningful information to anyone who accessed it.

Triangle’s solution

Triangle recommended Cognos 10 and worked with EMI so they were able to adopt the business intelligence tool effectively, bringing millions of data records into one web-based system. It meant that no matter where staff were in the world, they could log in and access the reports relevant to them, but also feel reassured the data would be consistent and accurate. 

At the same time, Triangle also helped EMI consolidate all of its IBM Cognos licenses globally, improving efficiency and saving them an estimated £40,000.

The outcome

  • Reliable data and a single version of truth
  • Reduced IBM Cognos license costs by £40,000
  • Put control in the hands of users
  • Took pressure off the IT department, with a huge reduction in queries and requests
  • Enabled better decision making across the company

Without this, people would really struggle to do their job. The impact has been huge – people used to bombard IT with requests all the time. Now they can get want they want, when they need it.

Travis Benton, Chief Technical Officer

If you want to consolidate Cognos Licenses or adopt Cognos 10, please get in touch and our business intelligence consultants will be happy to help.

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