Making easy reporting, a reality: Avista’s task of 75 reports in 2 months looked impossible until we made easy reporting – a reality.

Avista’s challenge

Avista was in the process of implementing Maximo from a legacy system and wanted to use the out-of-the-box BIRT reports that come with it. However, their team had limited understanding of Maximo and didn’t have the SQL programming knowledge required.

This was particularly challenging as they had 75 report requirements to complete in just two months and they wanted a self-service reporting model.

Triangle’s solution

Avista approached Triangle after watching our Maximo Blueprints reporting video demonstration, impressed by our expertise. Triangle worked with Avista to understand their needs, offering our Asset and Work Order models and reports as a base for their Cognos Maximo reporting. As IBM announced they would give free limited-use Cognos Licenses for reporting in Maximo, we knew we could add real value. Although Maximo comes shipped with BIRT for reporting, only developers could use it. As Cognos experts, we knew we could offer self-service reports that anyone could create, simply and quickly. Our Blueprints provided the ideal foundation to meet their business requirements and using the Cognos advanced functionality, we were able to make more sophisticated reports and give full visibility of the work being performed in Maximo.

We also adapted the Blueprints to better fit the Oracle database Avista use and developed customised Blueprints to help businesses easily transition from BIRT to Cognos reporting in Maximo.

One of the challenges we faced was that Avista is based in the US, so we had to be flexible in the way we communicated. We walked Avista through the implementation via a series of webinars and ensured we responded to all queries in a timely manner.

The outcome

  • Avista didn’t need to hire SQL developers
  • They hit the ground running with Triangle’s Maximo blueprints
  • All 75 reports were delivered hitch-free and on-time
  • The business gained critical visibility into Maximo
  • Self-serve reporting became easier than ever

Thanks to the Triangle team and their Blueprints, our Maximo reporting has been a
tremendous success.

Cindy Healy, Avista Corp

If you need help with making your reports quicker and easier, or if you want to capitalise on Maximo reporting, please get in touch and our business intelligence consultants will be happy to help.

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