You’ve got it covered, your analytics solution works like a dream, you seamlessly deliver regular reports throughout your business, you make informed decisions every day and you’ve saved your business time and money through the implementation of a successful analytics solution and effective IBM tools.

What Is Next?

There is so much in the market. Will you head to the cloud? Perhaps you will opt for a hybrid model? Is SaaS the right option for you?

As with kick-starting and re-energising, taking the next leap it is going to require a structured plan which will help you achieve your vision. If you are coming to the end of your BI and reporting journey and are looking to take the next leap into predictive analytics, Big Data, IoT, cloud, we are well-equipped to give you a guided tour of the IBM tools and products on offer which will best suit your project requirements.

What we’ve been investigating recently:

  • IBM Bluemix & dashDB
  • IBM Cognos Analytics R1 Through R10
    • See our resources section for Cognos Analytics “How To” guides here.
    • See our blog post on Cognos Analytics R10 here.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT)
  • Snowflake
    • The only data warehouse built for the cloud.
    • A new SQL data warehouse built from the ground up with a new patented architecture delivering performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other data analytics platforms.

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