Data Warehouse Best Practice

Often we were asked to look at an existing data warehouse design and review it in terms of best practise, performance and purpose. Given our findings we feel it important for customers to periodically examine their data warehouse and look at ways to improve it. Here are some of the common problems we come across.

It’s not a data warehouse!

Strange as it may seem there are many organisations who use the term data warehouse for several different things which are not a data warehouse. Real examples include:

  • An application for calculating charges and generating customer invoices
  • A collection of tables copied from various source systems
  • A collection of pre-aggregated tables, one per report
  • A complete copy of the source system
  • Several database views over the source system

To be clear none of these constitute a data warehouse or data mart; rather that there is a desperate business need for one to be developed and people are making quick fixes.  In these situations, a new project for a data warehouse is required.

Read our resource document that covers some of the most common issues we encounter around data warehouse design