Data Warehouse Best Practice

Often we were asked to look at an existing data warehouse design and review it in terms of best practise, performance and purpose. Given our findings we feel it important for customers to periodically examine their implemented data warehouse and look at ways to improve it.

Common problems we come across include:

  • The data warehouse takes forever to load.
  • The initial data warehouse was created as a full refresh every day.
  • The indexing is non-existent or ill conceived.
  • The data types are inconsistent or incorrect.
  • The design approach is confused or inappropriate.

To find out more about some of the most common issues we encounter around data warehouse design, read our resource document.

It’s not a data warehouse!

Another key issue we come across is that there are many organisations use the term data warehouse for several different things which are not a data warehouse. Real examples include:

  • An application for calculating charges and generating customer invoices.
  • A collection of tables copied from various source systems.
  • A collection of pre-aggregated tables, one per report.
  • A complete copy of the source system.
  • Several database views over the source system.

To be clear none of these constitute a data warehouse or data mart; rather that your business need is for a one to be developed and people are making quick fixes in the meantime.  In these situations, a data warehouse implementation project is required.

How we can help

If one or more of the above issues are familiar in your organisation and you feel your existing data warehouse is not meeting your business requirements or expectations, we can provide you with a comprehensive review of your existing data warehouse in terms of best practice, performance and purpose to ensure you are maximising its potential.

We can also support your business in your data warehouse implementation project, from setting out your vision to creating a business case for your data warehouse, our consultants can give you the knowledge and expertise to begin data warehouse implementation project. Get in touch today to speak to one of our expert consultants.