Cognos Analytics and how to use Triggers effectively

A very typical scenario is that you have a set time for your daily Cognos Analytics reports to run based on a guess and/or estimate of when the data warehouse has finished its refresh. The data refresh will be on a Database (DB) Server and reports on your Business Intelligence (BI) Server so there is a disconnect that can cause problems.

What if the data refresh has failed or is delayed?

Cognos reports will still run, get sent out and puzzled recipients will wonder why things have not changed or look so strange. It is at this point the emails come flooding in and phone calls are received with the same questions… “Why does my report look odd?”
These Cognos Analytics reports may have taken 3-4 hours to run and email out.That’s acceptable if they start at 2am and are in users’ email Inbox when they logon the next morning.
However, if the server refresh has run over by say half an hour, and you have to run the reports again, they won’t be complete until the early afternoon, which may be too late for recipients to receive.But, there is a solution to remove the disconnect between data refresh and Cognos reports, which are typically on different servers. If you have managed to get ”It’s Not Unusual” out of your head, then read on with a guide on setting up Triggers in Cognos Analytics


Find out how to setup and use Cognos Triggers effectively to overcome this BI reporting challenge.

Using Cognos Triggers Effectively

November 19, 2015