Analytics is the past, present and future of business.

Understanding your data with analytics has become vital to your company’s success. Knowing exactly what, where and why it is happening is crucial for business growth, efficiency, and most importantly keeping your customers happy.

Through decades of working in the information technology industry, there is one area that stands out when implementing a business intelligence solution, ‘Newness Phobia’. We all have it in us but we shouldn’t run away from the problem; the future is here embrace it.

However, as a business you need to take into consideration your end-users, not at the stage of implementation but the planning stage. There is no point spending thousands implementing a piece of software that nobody will use.

Escaping the coffee break chat

It only takes one person to start off a chain reaction of software rebellion and the rest will soon follow. End-user perception is important to the success of a BI project, so start by asking yourself these following questions:

Can I do this?

Yes, the answer is always yes. There are always ways of achieving the desired outcome you just may not be familiar with them.

My report is slow can you make it faster?

Of course there are multiple ways to improve speed, depending on the scenario.

Why should I learn a new tool?

The new tool will save you many man hours doing manual tasks, a reduction in report errors and create a shared version of the truth throughout the company allowing transparent and consistent business logic.

July 27, 2015