The Benefits

As you might expect cloud BI has the same potential benefits as those being offered by cloud computing technology in general. You benefit from reduced data centre and IT management costs, faster deployment times, and an increase in flexibility as and when the business needs to change.

For start-up companies the cloud would be ideal as most likely, a majority of their operational applications will also be cloud-based. If you already run your BI environment on premises, you need to be more prudent about the move.

The Disadvantages

Among the issues companies are facing when considering adopting and expanding cloud-based approaches to BI are data integration complexities, which goes against the main benefits of the cloud, the reduction of IT costs.

There are also security concerns about sending sensitive business data off-site, losing control of company data and potential recovery requirements.


As internet speeds increase and networks bandwidth increases this may mitigate the current concerns around cloud BI and make it viable. For now, the current concerns are too great a risk for a company to go down this path.

Matthew Ranson, Business Intelligence Consultant

Whether the cloud is right for you or not, it is important that you consider your company’s options long term. By understanding what the cloud means for you, your company can stay ahead in BI, the right way.

July 8, 2015