Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary is a good time to look at his famous puzzle for all of us mere mortals; to be or not to be. In today’s information led world Shakespeare may well have said ‘More answers or more questions – which is it to be or not to be?’

It describes perfectly the Business Intelligence decisions that businesses and managers have problems making day in and day out. They just want information they need to do their job.

We all started with trying to get the figures out of our head and put them on a spreadsheet. Instantly better, also positive, but a time consuming and one dimensional way of showing you what you already know. Business in arrears, you may call it.

Then try and share them with colleagues. Immediately the questions and explanations start. More time, more software to be bought and the picture starts to blur and crucially raises more questions than answers.

Why is that? To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton, It’s the Intelligence tool, stupid. Basic information is just that. How you store it, access it and view it is what makes it useful and therefore Intelligent. And that depends on the tool.

Everyone needs their own view of the same base business data to be able to do their job effectively and consistently with everyone else. Try simple business efficiency, based upon a shared vision, as the reason.

The data needs to be accurate, complete and consistent. The BI tool needs to work the way the business does and not get in the way. The IT department need to be enablers and not providers. The business needs to say give me the tools and I’ll do the job.

Today, there are two, maybe three Premier league football clubs whose managers have been in post for more than 3 years. There are 17/18 whose managers have not.  Could it be a successful team working with a shared vision that is the difference?

There is only one Van Persie, Ronaldo or Bale; all of whom made it in English Football. You know class and a shared vision when you see it. There is only one Cognos. Why? More answers and less questions.

April 24, 2014

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Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

Chris is on a mission to further expand the business thus consolidating Triangles position as a key player in the market. One of the ways he sees to achieve this is by offering clients ways to do more for less.

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