Technology being replaced by more advanced, disruptive technology is something as businesses we’ve become accustomed with however the rate at which things are changing has changed dramatically.  3-4 years ago you may have had one area of your business effected by a change in technology, now there are many shifts happening all at once. This is posing a problem for businesses to keep up with  the simultaneous changes.


One example of this is the mass shift from data centres to the cloud. Cloud is no longer just a buzz word, it is being embraced for its flexibility, low cost economics, and scalability. Gone are the days of the big brick costly data centres.

Another big change is the “as-a-service” revolution. We are moving away from data centres and putting more hardware on the cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), so we are going to need to start procuring and consuming  software in the same way Software As A Service (SaaS).

This means that traditional on-premise licensing models are quickly becoming a thing of the past. But it’s not just IaaS and SaaS – have you heard about Platform as a Service (PaaS), how about Marketplace as a Service (MaaS), and what’s your strategy for Big Data as a Service (BDaaS).

Mobile Technology

The Bring You Own Device (BYOD) market has been around for a while but it is being embraced to a much greater extent than ever before. It makes sense for companies to cut costs by not having to supply devices to their staff, it even is a way of attracting new staff with the message of – “Use whatever you like, where ever you like” – as long as the productivity is there, then why can’t we all go and sit on a beach and work? With visionary ITSM/ITAM market leaders like Matrix42 enabling a simple way of setting your work force free to be productive, but also keeping the security and control firmly with in the IT department it’s never been easier.


And the final example of tech shifts is a biggie – Data. Here are some facts for you to to think about:

  • Did you know that 80% of your companies data is dark data?
  • Did you know that for every $1 spent on Business Intelligence you should be seeing a $13 return (if it’s done properly.)
  • Did you know there are data lakes out there that you can augment with your internal data to gain deeper insights into your industry, your customers sentiment, and effective factors like the weather?

It’s crazy isn’t it 10 years ago we were buying servers, putting them in data centres, buying on premise software and having a work force sat in big concrete buildings working.

Now if we have “an Idea” the reality is with a swipe of my credit card we can provision all my hardware, storage, networks in the cloud – we can buy all my software as a service, and we can employ a workforce who work from where ever they like, on whatever device they like, we can run all my BI reporting as a service with software such as Cognos,  use big data as a service to research my ideas, and gain sentiment analysis and gain external insights on things that might impact my idea.

All totally agile, totally scalable in both directions, and totally available. The technology is out there and is being used.

The Big Questions:

  • How are you going to migrate to these technologies?
  • How are you going to keep up with all of these technologies?
  • How are you going to manage these new technology landscapes?

There has never been a better time to consider building your network or ecosystem with specialist partners who have the skills and capabilities to help you on your journey.


May 18, 2016