• How to Overcome the DPR-ERR-2079 Error Message

    A step-by-step guide on how to overcome the DPR-ERR-2079 error message when selecting a report as a data source in IBM Cognos Analytics.

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  • IBM Maximo Report Packs – Whitepaper

    This white paper examines the recently announced Cognos reporting packs from IBM. Triangle specialises in reporting over Maximo using Cognos and has made a number of observations and comments based on our testing of these packs.

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  • What is Cognos over Maximo all About

    The basic facts are quite simple. IBM is upgrading Maximo to improve the control of company assets and the asset maintenance processes. With Cognos, it provides the vehicle to make these processes more visible across the business, exploiting the integration of asset management into the wider business performance management processes of the business, allowing the business to make informed decisions.

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  • Upgrading to Maximo 7.5 Get onboard with IBM Cognos

    As an existing Maximo customer you’re probably thinking about upgrading Maximo 7.5 or you’re already in the process.

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  • Maximo Version 7 Reporting

    The report options have been significantly enhanced in Version 7 and include a wide range of reporting tools. These tools include the embedded reporting tool, BIRT, along with IBM Cognos Reporting. The integration to the powerful Cognos Reporting products enables a silent log in to the Cognos Server, along with the dynamic creation of a metadata layer for reduced report development efforts.

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  • IBM Cognos For Maximo

    IBM the provider of one of the world’s leading Enterprise Asset Management applications Maximo has recently announced that from Version it has delivered integration with its leading Enterprise Reporting tool IBM Cognos.

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  • IBM Cognos and Maximo Reporting

    IBM Maximo 7 has provided new Cognos reporting integration facilities to Maximo customers. Maximo provides a facility where a powerful metadata layer used by the Cognos reporting tools can be automatically generated using the underlying Maximo schema information contained within the application.

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IBM Launches Trusted COVID-19 Dashboard in Cognos Analytics

IBM and The Weather Channel are making it easier for people to stay informed on coronavirus, using IBM Cognos Analytics and The Weather Channel app.

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