Currently, in Cognos 10.x it is possible to create custom portal pages that can show several items such as reports, navigation windows, specific Cognos folders, a web page etc.  This can be useful to setup a ‘Start of Day’ page with updated metrics.

Within a portal page, it is possible to have portal tabs which can allow for groupings of pages.  For example, a client may have a portal page of Intranet with tabs within here for the Intranet home page and company website.  Below is an example of portal pages in Cognos 10.x

Portal Pages In Cognos 11

The ability to create portal pages like this in Cognos Analytics has been deprecated.  In a recent webinar discussing release 4 of Cognos 11 the topic of portal pages was brought up during Q&A and IBM advised that using the Themes and Extensions features could be an option to setup a new user interface.

Having watched this video on Themes and Extension it seems that portal tabs still cannot be created as per 10.x but additional buttons on the left-hand toolbar (called Nav bar, possibly after me) can be added to directly open popular reports, dashboards and websites.

To setup these extension buttons, a JSON file must be configured requiring programming in this language.  So where before these tabs could be set up by somebody in the business, some programming skills are now required.

Standard Cognos 11 homepage

Cognos 11 Portal Pages

Configured Cognos 11 homepage with new buttons in the Nav Bar

Cognos 11 Portal Pages

On Cognos 10.x it is also possible to set the Cognos Home Page so that it opens to one of the portal tabs setup.  At the moment this option is not available in Cognos Analytics.  The only option available is to change the look and feel of the Home Page with different colours, images etc.

To do this a combination of JSON, CSS and HTML files are required to be configured by somebody.  Again some programming skills will be required here.  The new custom home page will be set for all Cognos users meaning individuals cannot have their own home page.

Configured Cognos 11 homepage with new look and feel

Cognos 11 Portal Pages




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October 12, 2016