But wait, you have now made changes to the tested model and new reporting new packages have been created and you need to ensure you haven’t broken any of the existing published reports. Internal resources are running low and you don’t have time to spend hours, days or even weeks validating reports. You could hire a consultant to carry out the necessary work, at £1,000 a day for say 5 days, ouch! That’s a big chunk of your IT budget gone in the blink of an eye.

What if I told you there was a way to utilise internal resources and avoid high consultancy fees. Do I have you interested yet?

We would like to introduce you to BSP Software. With over 1000 active users in over 20 countries BSP is the most popular extension for Cognos.

MetaManager is a robust Cognos administration tool.  MetaManager takes a Cognos deployment to the next level through incredible time savings and the enabling of global changes, automation of recurring tasks, full documentation in seconds, streamlined deployment and much more!

  • Update: Perform mass global updates easily, push prompts value and standardise reports.
  • Secure: Audit, edit, replicate, replace, export and import security through one powerful interface.
  • Deploy: Minimise mean time to recovery and provide flexible options for deployment strategies. Manage schedules, user preferences and meet compliance needs.
  • Document: Record meaningful business and compliance documents in a variety of output types: Audit, manage projects and meet compliance needs.
  • SMSS: Seamlessly migrate from one security provider to another in an automated fashion: Based on a 45 day lease.
  • API: Take the power of MetaManager and use it to support your business processes the way you want them to run.

There are a multitude of options designed to suit your business needs on a per-user basis, ranging from as little as the cost of 5 consultancy days.

You can really see the benefits of MetaManager after spending days validating reports, looking for where a report has been impacted by the package changes. Knowing this can be done under 1 hour where previously I have spent days reviewing hundreds of reports, not only cuts the time of the task dramatically by ensuring you focus on those reports that are affected, but it eliminates human error improving administrative efficiency.

Matt Gill

Senior Consultant, Triangle Information Management

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We won’t ever sell you what you don’t need.

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August 3, 2015