For Triangle, being recognised as a thought leader in the business intelligence industry is top priority and for 2018, is one of our biggest focus points. We want to ensure that as a leading BI consultancy, we are constantly delivering ongoing, relevant and helpful advice straight to you as our customer. What better place to start than by analysing what the most common questions and pain points are that you might be experiencing, today.

Recently, the Triangle Insight Team got together to discuss what reoccurring questions were being asked of our consultants when working on projects across the UK, mainly in the Cognos BI space. Their response: “Our customers want to know how to maximise Cognos user adoption within their business.”

I recently undertook a research task to understand what you can do, right now, to ensure you achieve Cognos user adoption success.

The Problem

Imagine this. You’re the Head of Finance and you have just appointed a new member to the finance team in your business and it is their first day using Cognos. As with any new member of staff joining your team and being introduced to new technology, especially Cognos, it is almost guaranteed that they will have questions for you. But, as the Head of Finance, you have meetings to attend and your own tasks to undertake. In summary, although you would like to spend the time with your newest member of the finance team answering their Cognos related questions and offering support to help them to understand the technology in greater depth, you know that time isn’t on your side.

So, Who Do You Delegate The Task Of Answering Cognos Questions To?

In this case, you could delegate the task of answering Cognos related questions to another, more experienced member of your finance team, but how can you be sure that the answers they provide are correct, and framed in a way that is easy for the new member of your finance team to understand and digest?

In summary, if the questions posed by the new member of your finance team don’t get answered fully, or correctly, they won’t be able to use the technology, in this case, Cognos, to its maximum potential and it is likely that they will stop using the tool all together.

The Problem Result?

Cognos user adoption isn’t as strong as it used to be and the distinguished level of value that Cognos once delivered to the business begins to decline. Imagine this replicated across all line of business departments in your business. What was once a small, department level user adoption headache has now flourished into a much more serious Cognos user adoption migraine!

The Solution: You Need A Cognos Champion!

In my opinion, the task of appointing a Cognos Champion is ever more prevalent in organisations where line of business departments like Finance and Marketing use Cognos on a daily basis in order to make more informed business decisions.

By appointing a Cognos Champion in your business, in this case, at department level, you know that an experienced user of Cognos, who can answer the questions of your team clearly and succinctly is always on hand to help and provide support when needed. Not only do you now have a member of your finance team who you are confident can support the rest of the team in their use of Cognos, you know that the newest member of your finance team will learn how to use Cognos and all its associated capabilities confidently and without hesitation.

When appointing a member of your team to become a Cognos Champion in your business or department, there are two key qualities you should look to seek out in your ideal candidate. Firstly, your candidate must be a good listener. The key qualities of a good listener include; asking questions when necessary, responds regularly and frequently, never interrupts and stays on subject.

Secondly, your ideal Cognos Champion candidate should be an experienced user of Cognos, or they must be able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable on the subject. After all, it wouldn’t be fair or suitable to appoint a Cognos Champion who has only very recently been introduced to the tool, as common misconceptions and misunderstandings can easily be transferred.

The Final Stage

Once you have appointed your Cognos Champion and they are settled into their additional role, be sure to spread the word around your department and maybe even consider establishing regular Cognos Questioning workshops within your team to encourage Cognos users to raise their questions and reach out for support on any hurdles they may have encountered.

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January 26, 2018