We understand that no matter what is available, the decision must be based on what is important for your business.

As a result it is important to ask yourself:

  • Are you upgrading to a new release, just because you can?
  • Your current release is coming to its end of life?
  • There are new features that will impact your business more than your current release?

We would always recommend moving to the latest version a few months after it has been released, but understand that this may not be practical. If there is a feature in the new release that is a must have and will bring value to the business, then plan to upgrade after the first fix has been announced. If the new release doesn’t bring new features that are important to you, then wait and jump two or three releases at once.

Whatever you do, make sure you are aware of your support end date on your current release otherwise you will put your business at risk.


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