Cognos MetaManager is a tool that allows administrators, developers and authors to simplify many of the complexities associated with developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting an IBM Cognos environment.

Cognos MetaManager comes with a number of bundled functions including:


Cognos Metamanager allows you to validate all your reports in both Public and My Folders in a bulk & automated fashion, and also apply bulk changes/fixes of query items, logos, text, javascript etc. to reports/objects.

It also allows you to review and update attributes of any object in the content store. Create, copy, move and delete objects using scripts. Edit reports directly in an XML editor and preview modifications prior to change, which is especially useful.


Cognos Metamanager also provides you with flexible backup and restore options, including the opportunity to restore content to a different location. With Metamanager you will also have the ability to schedule and automate the backup process.


Cognos Metamanager provides a secure platform for your data with the ability to standardise and cascade security assignments, and set up document memberships and access rights. Memberships can be adjusted with a drag & drop interface and database passwords can be changed across environments simultaneously.


Report on general information, ownership, security, memberships, usage, history, etc. and document your content store to PDF, HTML, Excel or directly to a database.  Report searches are lightning fast, meaning you can perform quick impact analysis, with the confidence your business intelligence tool can perform your required tasks.

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December 14, 2017