The Cognos Integrated Control Suite’s (Cognos ICS) patented technology provides Cognos customers with version control, content management, source control, recovery, deployment and compliance reporting within their business analytics environment making it a very useful tool when used effectively.

Discover some of Cognos Integrated Control Suite’s exciting features:

Version Control

Integrated Control Suite’s versioning capabilities are completely integrated inside Cognos Connection and the supported studios. This includes annotations for each save, views of the revision history, comparing any version of a report to any other version within the same environment or between environments, promotion capabilities, and report locking.

Client Versioning

Integrated Control Suite enables version control for all client files such as Framework Manager and Transformer models. A key advantage to Client Versioning is that versioning is done on a folder basis, rather than an individual file basis. This shields against new files not being versioned when checking in changes.

Deployment Manager

Integrated Control Suite provides the ability to migrate objects between environments entirely through Cognos Administration. There is no need to export content, move the file to another environment, and import.

Projects can be defined by adding folders, packages, reports, etc., or by leveraging the tagging feature built into the Integrated Control Suite. With tagging, authors can tag report versions to be migrated from within the Studio, enabling them to indicate when content is ready to deploy even if they don’t have the ability to migrate it themselves.

Recycle Bin

Users will have their own My Recycle Bin, enabling them to recover any deleted items when the need arises. Administrators will have access to a global Recycle Bin that will house the deleted content of all users that can be recovered as needed.

Report Documenter

Captures vital information from your report definitions so that Report Authors can focus on the development lifecycle of company content and not worry about the documentation that must accompany it. Report Documenter is tightly integrated into IBM Cognos studios so that Authors can document report definitions as often as needed right from within the authoring environment itself.

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February 28, 2018