Triangle has well-documented our blossoming relationship with Pragmatic Works, the next step for us was to be part of the UK’s largest SQL user event, SQL Bits, alongside our partners from across The Atlantic.

This year’s SQL Bits theme was disco, so we donned our flares, fixed our afro wigs and strutted our stuff to The Telford International Centre to talk BI and data with a selection of seriously super-fly, members of the SQL society.

Sadly, Brian Knight, Pragmatic Works CEO and Founder was caught in storms which engulfed the U.S. around the time of SQL Bits, thus, he could not attend this year’s event. However, we were joined by the ever-enthusiastic, all-round nice guy and Sales Director, Jeremy Sirois (Jeremy, remember that £20 your promised me to write that).

This was not Pragmatic Works’ first rodeo. This was the 4th year they had a presence at SQL Bits. For Triangle, being newbies to the event, it was great to have an experienced guide for the journey.

What first strikes you about SQL Bits is the energy. Vendors, attendees and organisers all pull together to share ideas, help each other and have fun. Even as we were setting up our booth, people were keen to come over and talk shop. At this point we’ve got to give an extra special mention to those who volunteer at SQL Bits, they put in a tremendous shift and we are very grateful to them.

As our time at SQL Bits developed we found more and more that we were engaging with people from all walks of life about their data set up, their work and what the future holds for data.

A stimulating, inventive and immersive experience paired with brilliant sessions from speakers who had come from around the world, this was so much more than your average conference.

Throughout the SQL event, we found that most were taken with Pragmatic Works’ product stack (obviously, it is awesome), Doc xPress and Task Factory were big talking points whilst the key takeaway from a project perspective was Triangle’s six pillars methodology.

A highlight for us was the SQL Bits party. From the marching band belting out disco classics to kick-start the festivities through to the purpose-built roller rink, the attention to detail was outstanding.

Back at Triangle HQ, we have had time to regroup and set up some very promising conversations with those we met at SQL Bits. Here’s to next year!

Posted in Data Warehousing

April 26, 2017