And all of this with just one simple idea.

What’s the problem with online EP migration?

If you have been developing Cognos EP for any length of time you will know that documentation is always bottom of the priority list. Part of the reason is the Excel ‘culture’ of non-documentation but part is also down to the people who build Excel and EP models.

In my experience, people who have a flair for model-building can be diabolical at documentation and will think of any excuse to get out of it. Excuses are not hard to find as there is always a new model build that can take priority over documentation of existing systems.

At the same time the people who are best positioned to write good documentation (users and other stakeholders) are invariably too busy on ‘business as usual’ activities.

The result is poor documentation and that’s a real problem when it comes to Migration.

What’s the solution?

Actually there is a very simple solution which can turn a negative spiral into a positive one. If you can make documentation easy, accessible and above all fun, then it will happen. I would like to think that my Excel widgets make documentation easy and fun so that just leaves accessible to sort out.

Widget – ‘Processes’

Widget – ‘Processes’ can be used in your Migration documentation to help show where you are in the Planning Cycle through the application of Hilite/Lolite thus:

Cognos EP 9.2

These images can be saved as bitmaps on a matching set of Cognos EP Manager screens to create an intuitive ‘animated’ interface:

Cognos EP 9.1

Widget – ‘Training’

Widget – ‘Training’ is simply the output of the Help Icon on the Manager screens

Cognos EP 9.3

This can be used for Migration definition as allows you to drill down to context sensitive Help

Cognos EP 9.4

Using this technique you can positively engage your users and other stakeholders in your Enterprise Migration Process without making unnecessary calls on their time. You might even persuade them to complete the text for you!

Cognos EP Migration Journey with Triangle

In my final blog on Tips for Cognos EP Migration I will compile a summary of all the tips to date. Seen as a whole these will paint a picture of how we can help you every step of the way.



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March 22, 2016