The only problem with a manual approach to Security maintenance as part of your Cognos EP Migration is that changes to Security tend to build up over time to the point where the original specification is obsolete. The result is you then end up relying on the software’s self-documentation which is not really ‘readable’:


Tip 5.1


Tip 5.2

Here is the same information presented in a ‘readable’ format:

Tip 5.3

This is much simpler. Wouldn’t it be great if the readable document could be used not only to document but also automate the existing Security? Well, it just happens I have a widget for that. Widget – ‘Security’

Do I have ‘Security Automation’ issues?

Probably not, unless your users are changing every week. However I would put serious money on the likelihood that you have ‘Security Documentation’ issues for the reasons outlined above.

When you come to preparing for Migration you have to produce a readable Security Document for the new software. So you may as well automate your existing system at the same time. It only takes a few minutes and this approach will save you hours and reduce embarrassing errors.

Convince me it will only take a few minutes

I am assuming here that you have completed your EP Healthcheck and have tidied up the Hierarchies you want to use for website Security. This means your Hierarchy Widget has already automatically populated your Security Widget thus:

Tip 5.4

If you now click on the ‘Elist Export’ macro on Widget – ‘Security’:

Tip 5.5

You get your EList Export back into Cognos for free:

Tip 5.6

Now all you have to do is add your Rights in a readable format thus:

Tip 5.7

Notice “R” for Read, “W” for Write, “C” for Control.

Now click on the ‘Rights Export’ macro on Widget – ‘Security’:

Tip 5.8

You get your Rights Export back into Cognos for free:

Tip 5.9

Also, you get some Icons automatically pasted over your “R” “W” “C” to make your documentation more ‘readable’.

If you have 1,000 users it will take more than a few minutes but it is still many times easier than maintaining those EList & Rights tabs manually.

Cognos EP Migration Journey

On this occasion automating your Security is not a loss of focus, as the direct result of tidying up your Security definition will be to weed out gremlins which have probably hidden in the system for years. The automation element also prompts you to deal with compliance issues like Sarbanes Oxley since the document is the model and vice versa. Compliance requires you to not only protect personal data but also clearly document and verify same.

Widget – ‘Security’ is specifically designed to make that journey much easier. It is part of the Triangle philosophy of staying with you for the whole journey.

Look out for the next Cognos EP Migration Tip 6 which is going to show you some fancy tricks to get your Measures calculations locked together with your Excel definitions. Just like with Security we will be replacing complex self-documentation with at-a-glance readable definitions.


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February 15, 2016