Six Pillars To Achieving Business Intelligence Project Success

With over a decade of experience developing business intelligence solutions it’s not surprising that we’ve built up a wealth of experience in how to achieve business intelligence project success.  It may be simple, and most good ideas are, but we have distilled our approach into a simple six pillar methodology.


The right technology will be easy to use, quick to load and flexible for end-user to modify in their own way, including the ability to slice and dice and drill down to the information that is of interest.

  • Vision

    We’ll work with you to create a clearly defined and measurable vision, achieving executive sponsorship and support along the way.

  • Team

    We’ll work with you to establish a world-class technology team but also a project steering group which includes IT, people from the business and end users.

  • Communication

    Good communication with users starts from Day 1 with a variety of educational and creative activities to help engage everyone with your BI project.

  • Data

    Data management, governance and quality are critical. Together we’ll ensure that your people know where to source data and that the data they source can be trusted.

  • Action

    We’ll work with you to ensure that your people have the ability to make decisions and execute business changes based on the insight.

We’ll be at hand throughout the entire process. We’ll give you direction on project success, help you pick the right technology and be your trusted advisor at every turn.

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