• Migrating your Data Warehouse from Cognos Data Manager to InfoSphere DataStage

    Discover why you should migrate your data warehouse from IBM Cognos Data Manager to another IBM tool, InfoSphere DataStage. If you are running a data warehouse with either Cognos Decision Stream, Cognos Data Manager or have one of the Cognos Performance Applications (PApps) you will soon need to migrate to InfoSphere DataStage or recreate your ETL in another IBM tool, as these products are no longer sold or supported by IBM. Benefits of InfoSphere DataStage…

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    Data Warehouse Best Practices

    Often we were asked to look at an existing data warehouse design and review it in terms of best practise, performance and purpose. Given our findings we feel it important for customers to periodically examine their implemented data warehouse and look at ways to improve it. “It takes forever to load” After the initial project to deliver the data warehouse has finished, the data volumes increase over time. This often leads to ever increasing overnight…

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    Guide to Cognos Integrated Control Suite

    The Cognos Integrated Control Suite’s (Cognos ICS) patented technology provides Cognos customers with version control, content management, source control, recovery, deployment and compliance reporting within their business analytics environment making it a very useful tool when used effectively. Discover some of Cognos Integrated Control Suite’s exciting features: Version Control Integrated Control Suite’s versioning capabilities are completely integrated inside Cognos Connection and the supported studios. This includes annotations for each save, views of the revision history,…

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  • Guide to CPM Explorer for Cognos

    What is CPM Explorer? CPM Explorer is a Windows Explorer extension for IBM Cognos Connection, providing quick and easy access to IBM Cognos consumers’ daily activities. Using CPM Explorer, consumers are able to navigate the IBM Cognos Connection portal in the familiar Windows Explorer user interface without the need for a web browser. From the comforts of Windows Explorer, IBM Cognos users can use CPM Explorer to perform common, everyday operations such as: CPM Explorer Features…

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    Key Considerations for Data Warehouse Design

    Data warehouse design forms an important part in determining the accuracy of your business reporting. The style or design of your data mart or data warehouse will have a major influence on the cost, speed, maintainability, flexibility and success of your entire data warehousing and reporting environment. Many companies follow a similar path on this data warehouse design journey. Having been in the industry for many years we recognise that companies are still making the…

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    Guide to IBM Cognos MetaManager

    Cognos MetaManager is a tool that allows administrators, developers and authors to simplify many of the complexities associated with developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting an IBM Cognos environment. Cognos MetaManager comes with a number of bundled functions including: Update Cognos Metamanager allows you to validate all your reports in both Public and My Folders in a bulk & automated fashion, and also apply bulk changes/fixes of query items, logos, text, javascript etc. to reports/objects. It…

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