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In pre modern times Master Builders were responsible for all forms of construction and were considered experts in all manner of vocations.  In modern times however, the need for bigger and better came to the fore and as such the intricacy of building a structure has  increased with architects pushing the boundaries of construction with buildings like the Shard and the Shanghai Tower. The complexity and size of projects is too much for one person and as a result the roles have been split.

These days construction teams consist of many roles from architects to builders, structural engineers, plumbers, decorators, civil engineers, interior designers to name but a few.

What’s this got to do with Analytics?

The same situation is occurring in Analytics. As short as 10 years ago one person would have the entire skill set to run an analytics team.

In the days of PowerPlay one only needed knowledge of a few tools such as PowerPlay Client, PowerPlay Web and  PowerPlay Transformer. These skills would easily allow a team to provide and support a business with all their information needs.  Recent years have seen an explosion in analytics and with this comes increased complexity.

Cognos 10.2.2 was released in Quarter 4 2014; this toolset has vast capabilities. To provide these capabilities a broad  set of tools is available. Report  Studio, Business Insight, Business Insight Advanced, Event  Studio,  Analysis Studio, Cognos Insight. In addition to the studios there is also Framework Manager, Dynamic  Cubes,  Transformer,  Dynamic  Query  Analyser, Cognos  Metrics, Cognos Mobile. These are just the Cognos tools, typically companies also need database administrators and ETL developers.

In our industry we are seeing roles being created for report developers, administrators, modellers, analysts, architects, database administrator and ETL developers to name a few. As such a number of questions are posed:

  • Are the days of small Analytics teams gone?
  • Do companies need a vast number of employees to have an effective analytics solution?
  • Is Analytics becoming unaffordable for smaller companies?

What  is certain  is with the increasing complexity in Analytics it is certainly getting to much for one person to be a master of all of these tools. One person or even a small team may have a broad knowledge that touches on all of these areas but they will not be a Master in all of them. One may argue that they don’t need to be in fact maybe being a master in a few may suffice and be able to provide an acceptable service to the business.

As a result I believe Analytics has seen the death of the Master Builder as there is currently too many tools and too much knowledge required for one person to be a Master Builder.

April 4, 2016

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Matt Ranson

Matt Ranson

Matt has grown into the senior consultant role and is currently leading our team at BAE Systems. His enthusiasm and determination to provide our clients quality solutions holds him in high esteem with anyone that works with him.

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