Back in the front room

When Chris Lewis found himself back building a business from his front room, the place where he had started 16 years previously, he couldn’t have been happier.

His first company had been acquired by Triangle Computer Services, a large technology firm with a turnover of £30m. But when the Directors turned down his business plan for a business intelligence department, they were forced to part ways.

Taking the brand name and starting up by himself, Chris launched Triangle Information Management in January 2007 , which has become an IBM Silver Business Partner.

About Us BI Consultants

Just months later, Triangle Computer Services went into administration.

Twelve years on, we’re still going strong; providing companies with the tools to make informed decisions.

Back in control again

We feel the reason for our success is our belief that technology should help people, not hinder them.

Chris Lewis started out as a developer but had always hated manuals and unnecessary features. Back in 1985, this was radical thinking. We’ve come a long way since then.

In the early years, business reporting solutions were still in their infancy and for us IBM Cognos stood apart. It is the one business intelligence solution that allowed ordinary users to achieve powerful results, and as an IBM Silver Partner we helped them maximise those results.

As we have moved on as a business we have understood that visulisation tools like Cognos and the many other BI tools on the market is only the tip of the Iceberg.  As a company eighty percent of our work is about understanding business processes, the underlying data structures, extracting the relevant data items and building a trusted data environment that allows businesses to easily create reporting and visualisations.

The volume of data collected now is mind blowing and companies are now realising that their data is one of the most valuable assets they have.  Data is being collected from on premise and cloud applications as well as machines and sensors and a myriad of other data sources.  Todays challenges is to maximise the benefits from the data available by combining these sources into a trusted, accurate and easily accessible data layer from which the business can make Informed Decisions.

Our mission is to combine our expert consulting knowledge and available technologies to build quality business analytics solutions.

People used to bombard IT with requests. Now they can get want they want, when they want it.

Client: EMI Music Publishing

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