Though it hasn’t been long since IBM’s Cognos Analytics R7 put a whole new range of capabilities and enhancements at the fingertips of our clients, last week, IBM announced the general release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.8, providing “small, but significant enhancements that will help get the most out of this smart business intelligence and analytics solution”.

Not three months after the release of Cognos Analytics 11.0.7, IBM have focused the latest version of their industry-leading business intelligence tool on simplifying findings and visualisations, in order to increase efficiencies and reducing the time it takes to get things done. As well as providing quicker data set creation, Cognos R8 allows you to choose from multiple connections to a data source with support for ambiguous data connections.

IBM have listened and acted on their customer feedback, using Cognos R8 to accommodate the top Requests for Enhancements (RFE). With help from Triangle, you can customise your IBM Cognos experience; the new software allows you to upload custom images with Image library extension in reporting – either on premise or via the cloud. These images can then be viewed using the new image gallery viewer.

When using Cognos Analytics 11.0.8, you’ll be able to create precise dashboards and reports, with the added feature of latitude and longitude values when mapping your data. The viewing experience can be enhanced by selecting the ‘default run action’ per report and we’re sure that the return of the ability to output reports in XML format will be welcomed back by many users – alongside managing your activities and tracking all of your scheduled reports will permit higher visibility and control of your business intelligence and analytics.

The New Features

As well as meeting customer needs and accommodating high-demand RFEs, IBM are continually strengthening their software’s existing capabilities. Additional IBM Cognos R8 features include:

  • Data modules for large model diagrams
  • A new property for hyperlinks inside reports
  • The ability to design datasets from a metadata perspective
  • Auditing dashboards, ambiguous connections,  widget title scaling, multi-exclude data items and data cap limits on the dashboard
  • New data sources including Amazon Athena, SparkSQL, AzureSQL and MongoDB for BI v2.0
  • Storytelling that lets you to highlight a point in time or, alternatively, play all scenes, allowing you to better communicate and understand your analytics

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November 14, 2017