As the dust settles on another awe-inspiring weekend of six nations rugby, talk in our office has been about how impressive England have been in this year’s tournament. As is the case with office chat, things quickly turn to business and I’ve found myself drawing comparisons to the England rugby team when looking at an analytics project. Here are three things we can learn:

Sweat Your Assets

I eluded to my admiration of England head coach Eddie Jones’ sterling work with the team in a previous blog. It is a testament to the Australian’s ability to sweat his assets. This is the same group of players who failed under the stewardship of Stuart Lancaster and yet they now find themselves on the brink of breaking New Zealand’s winning streak world record.

Working with clients in the analytics space it’s sometimes a case of re-positioning your assets or adapting to get the best out of your solution. Any consultancy worth their salt should assist you to get the best from your environment for your analytics project. the way Eddie has with his players.

Stick to The Game Plan

Some of the starts England have made in this year’s six nations have been sluggish by the standards set by Eddie Jones. However, despite lacklustre starts, one all-important aspect prevailed- England won. Eddie Jones has instilled a winning mentality throughout this England side, they adapt to create chances to succeed.

It is not uncommon for an analytics project to start slowly, all manner of contributing factors can have a sway on whether you get off to a good start be they technology related or agnostic. If you have a clear and defined vision of what winning looks like for your analytics project and clearly communicate this with your team you put yourself in a far better position to achieve the success your analytics project deserves.

Know When to Change Things

Eddie Jones’ use of replacements throughout his tenure as England head coach, not just in the six nations has been pivotal to the success of the team, each change is carefully thought through (injuries excluded) and measured. It’s also important to note that it is not just the starting fifteen who are motivated to win, the entire squad is at the ready in an instant to deliver.

On your analytics project journey, you will or have already encountered, or are encountering a situation where change is necessary. The important thing is to adapt to the environment you are faced with; use the data you have available to make an informed decision on what needs to change and the benefits that will have on your analytics project.

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March 15, 2017